Founders' Letter, Winter 2016

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In the meantime, we grow good food, pull weeds, carry water and plant natives…

We've been on Santa Cruz and San Clemente Islands this winter working on rare-plant recovery projects, giving these unique species a chance to survive and thrive. We plan to take our Fall-Semester Ecological Restoration and Management from SBCC class out to these islands to continue this vital and gratifying work.

Our mainland nursery is loaded with native plants for upcoming ecological restoration projects. We have enthusiastic interns from UCSB and SBCC learning about native plants, the complexity of ecological systems and the benefits these systems provide.

Last January we headed to Cuba to see how their experiment in transitioning to organic agriculture was coming along and to set the stage in offering a study abroad class through SBCC. We now have the go ahead for Dec-Jan 2018-19 and will be instructing a credit field class to Havana during the winter break. For those unfamiliar with Cuba's experiment--it was done out of necessity when they lost their oil pipeline from the USSR. Today they are mainly organic thanks to great planning and leadership. We are hoping, and working,  to see that here.  There’s lots to be done, get involved, join us and we can change the tide. 

—Don Hartley and Karen Flagg, co-founders of Growing Solutions

                                      Don Hartley (in stylish straw fedora) on the front lines in DC

                                    Don Hartley (in stylish straw fedora) on the front lines in DC